Freedom's Song


I'm not sure how, exactly, this will show up or who (if anyone) will read it.  But, just in case, anyone does, I can't think of anything closer to my heart than 'freedom.'

What a lovely word, freedom!  Not only our young ancestors, but those of every country and people all over the world ... everyone wants to BE FREE.

Just for our young nation, the very reason there is an America is to enjoy freedom, isn't it?  Escaping the tyranny of the King was the motivating force for our country to be established in the first place.  

Unfortunately, it happened at the cost of mass genecide, but that's another side of the story and not my focus at the moment.  And what can we expect from such spiritually-immature people?  

But here we are, living in America in 2012.  How far we've come, yet how far we have to go before we can come anywhere close to calling our existence 'peaceful, harmonious.'  Words like heinous and dispicable better describe what passes as a government by and for the people in America today.

I, personally, hate politics.  I try to avoid it at all costs because it attracts men and women, who are mostly doing government 'service' to simply foster their own agenda.  These kind of people in politics (as most are) don't give a whit about the people they are sworn to serve ... the rest of us, who pay the bills.

One man stands out, as pretty much only one that I can tell.  That's Ron Paul.  Unfortunately, I don't think he'll even get his party's nomination because the truth is so obscured by rhetoric and jockeying for position.  Again, it's not about serving the people.  It is ONLY for power, money and greed. 

I don't know Ron Paul, personally, and I wish he were a better spokesman, like Obama.  But, he seems to have qualities that Obama does not.  The quality, for example, of being a TRUE patriot.  And a TRUE believer and upholder in the Constitution.  

Senator Paul seems to genuinely believe in limited government and is extremely concerned for Americans' freedoms that are being taken away from us one by one.  Under the guise of protecting us from "terrorists" from without -- they are the terrorists within.  What a scam. 

I fear our country is going down the slippery slope to socialism, by design, not be default.  But, either way, by design or default, if we (the people/taxpayers) don't figure out how to stop the erosion of our civil liberties ... one day, soon, they will ALL be gone.

I'm very afraid, truthfully.  I'm even fearful that if someone as (apparently) genuine as Ron Paul were to be elected ... the rest of the Capital Hill Crowd wouldn't let him get anything done that would threaten the cronyism. The game.

I would love to be wrong.  I hope I am.  But, in my heart of hearts, I don't see anything really changing, via the normal channels.  What will it take to win back our freedoms and turn this spinning out of control country around to reclaim its greatness?  Or, better yet, to begin down the road to REAL greatness for the first time?

To me, the sovereignty of the individual is what we must achieve.  Isn't this what made us great once upon a time?  A country where every, single person mattered?  Where everyone actually had a voice?  Or, perhaps all that was also just a lie.

Will anything shy of a total teardown (and a NEW structure built in its place) make a tinker's damn bit of difference?  I fear not.

Fear is what I'm talking about here, I've noticed.  Fear is not Freedom!  Freedom does not create Fear.  It is the lack of Freedom that generates and perpetuates FEAR, isn't it?  I think so.

I think Americans, from all walks of life, waay down deep to their souls can feel the FEAR I'm talking about.  Oh, my God, it is scary.  I must confess, it IS frightening.

Freedom's Song?  What is Freedom's Song?  How would Freedom sing, if it were to sing?  What would the lyrics be in Freedom's Song, I wonder.  Perhps something like this:

"Oh, land of lost liberty, PLEASE find your way back home to me!  For, if you don't find your way, you will be forever LOST.  

You, liberty's child, cannot live in this desolate land, bereft with lies and betrayals of every imaginable kind. You cannot go on mistreating your brothers and sisters and expect them to nurture you.

Where are you hiding, child?  Won't you return home to Freedom?  I long to once again embrace you and love you, but you've wandered so far, far away.  I cannot even see you or feel you anymore.  Where have you gone?  What will it take to bring you back to me?

I am FREEDOM, but my Song is Crying!  My heart is heavy and my soul is weary from begging you to come home.  Please come home, liberty's child -- come back to FREEDOM's arms today!

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