Fund raising

I'm tired of just bitching about the direction being taken by our government.  I'm also tired of just being asked to donate by what I call "Internet Panhandling".  I have volunteered to set up a  scheme that not only raises money, but also organizes a growing community of focused voters.  I have sent letters and phone calls to various parts of the Ron Paul campaing offices and have been ignored.  A copy of the letter is below:

Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Committee

P.O. Box 2012

Lake Jackson, TX 77566



I am writing directly to you and your organization out of frustration from earlier attempts to reach someone with both authority and vision in your organization. My hope is that you give the following project proposal serious thought and then communicate with me with your additional thoughts and/or concerns.


It seems one of the most important areas of concern to any campaign is reaching grassroots groups, especially those who do not join regular campaign activities even though they are in favor of the many concepts espoused by Ron Paul.  And, since I am one of them, I have a feel for reasons why we do not get actively involved.  Simply put we are unwilling to continue contributing without seeing direct or immediate results. Our contributions funnel into the great black hole of the general campaign fund without any acknowledgement back to the contributor, e.g. we feel no ownership with the campaign and this is unacceptable.


To meet the need felt by so many of us I wish to set in motion a fund raising project aimed at such individuals. 

The plan is simple and as follows:

1.  An individual (myself to start) sends $10, plus recruits sets of three individuals to do the same.

2.  Each of the three recruited individuals first sends in $10 and then, recruits three more to follow the same plan. 

3.  My goal is $10 million and I believe it reachable in a fairly short period because with your assistance all committed to the project will be able to see their efforts bring about the $10 million result.

Your assistance is important, but is small and simple. First, set up an account specifically to receive these funds and secondly, establish a webpage accessible by each contributor, showing the increasing amount and the closeness to the $10 million goal.  (Obviously, none of this group will have any other connection to the account). It will show to each that his/her contribution and continued effort builds toward a goal in which they believe. Each will then have direct ownership in continued work on the project.

As you can see the process forms an expanding organization whereby members contribute $10 each and are actively involved in recruiting more members.  The personal sense of ownership and membership for each person is not available from simple contributions to the various "Internet Panhandling" fund raising presently conducted.  Also by having an identifiable account it is possible to provide a running record of accomplishment by the group, thereby providing positive feedback, which is also not available in any present method employed by the Ron Paul Committee.

It is important you realize how many are tired of “just sitting around bitching about the continued erosion of our dollar and our freedoms” and wanting to have something that we can actively be involved in to help generate a real "Change".


To date I have recruited two groups of three ready to launch the project.  To begin recruiting and depositing, we need only that you generate a legitimate account and address.  I hope you give serious consideration to this proposal and its ramifications of gathering a group of otherwise disaffected voters and contributors to the larger pro-Ron Paul campaign.


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