Funding The Budget

I do not understand WHY you people and those 535 odd members of Congress CANNOT do simple math.

Completely eliminate the IRS, ALL of it.

Install a National Retail Sales Tax of somewhere between 11% and 14%, with NO lop holes. We already have most of the system to collect it in place all all retail outlets. Just add a button for NRST and send funds to an account just like you do now with State Taxes and Social Security taxes. What is so complicated about that?

If you would just go back in history you will find the most prosperous country in the world operated on a Retail Sales Tax. There was no income tax being collected. This country flourished for over 60 years on that system and the Parliament decided that everyone had so much money that they reinstalled the Income Tax to get some of it for their greedy pockets and the country went to crap.

WAKE UP!! With a National Retail Sales Tax there would be more money coming into the Treasury than those idiots up there could spend, BUT we need oversight to make sure they use logic and reasoning in spending the money.

REMEMBER, Congress is our, The People's, employees and we The People are the Employer. Is it going to take a major revolution to get it back to where it should be? It is time that people like you and your group take a stand and a lead and ENFORCE Congress to listen to us, as the Constitution says that they should.

I could go on and on but at my age (82) I fear that our leaders are not leaders but leeches and this beloved country of ours is about to collapse. I see no Statesmen in our government, YET.


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