Georgia's Debt Ceiling Desperadoes Are Up To No Good... Again!

You and I know how serious and out-of-control the national debt is.

That is why we were rightly incensed when the Congress and the President chose to raise the debt instead of curbing wasteful spending.

Even more offensive is when representatives who claim to be ‘fiscally conservative’ vote in favor of more reckless spending, more debt, and more federal overreach.

Senator Johnny Isakson along with Congressmen Tom Price and Rob Woodall did just that by voting with Obama to raise the debt ceiling.

Please call each of these Debt Ceiling Desperadoes and let them know that you won’t forget their betrayal:

Fearing a backlash from grassroots activists like you, the House 'leadership' decided to put forth a non-binding resolution condemning raising the debt ceiling.

This would give those foolish enough to vote to raise the debt ceiling a chance to trick voters and claim that they had in fact voted against it.

Disgusting, right?

Well to make a bad situation worse, Georgia Representative Phil Gingrey was too incompetent to even push the correct button when voting on the non-binding resolution.  He ended up begging (unsuccessfully) to have his vote changed after the fact.

What an embarrassment!

Please call Phil Gingrey and let him know that you don’t appreciate his incompetence!  His job is to vote correctly each and every time!

We can win this fight to restore fiscal sanity to our country, but only if grassroots activists like you take action and lead the way.  Thank you for all that you do for liberty!


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