Libertarians know helping others is individual responsibility

Of all the lies and smears hurled at those of us in the liberty movement perhaps the most absurd is that we do not care about improving our community or helping the less well-off. In my experience, people in the liberty movement are amongst the most generous supporters of charitable efforts. This makes sense since followers of the philosophy of liberty know that caring for the poor and improving the community is an individual responsibility, not the job of the government.

Adherents of the liberty movement are also more likely to understand that effective and compassionate help can only come from voluntary efforts, not from a government bureaucrat. So when a libertarian sees someone in need, they open their own wallets rather than asking the state to steal from their neighbors wallets.

Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul famously provided free care to low-income patients rather than violate his principles by participating in the Medicaid/Medicare system. Senator Rand Paul follows in his Dad's footsteps.

Another prominent figure in the liberty movement who is engaged in charitable activities is Glenn Jacobs. Glenn recently cosponsored an event in his hometown to raise money for a local food pantry. You can read more about Glenn's activities here and here with excerpts below:

Millions around the world know of tough guy wrestler Kane from his exploits with the WWE, but back home in East Tennessee, Glenn Jacobs is showing a different side, giving back in his hometown to help fight hunger.

Jacobs has lived in East Tennessee since 1995. He says he could live anywhere in the country because he travels every week with the WWE, but he chooses to stay in East Tennessee. When he's in town, Jacobs makes a point to give back to the community.

“Kane and Glenn Jacobs are two separate entities you know,” said Jacobs.

Jacobs volunteers in the community on a regular basis.

“I believe it's very important for people to take an active role, a proactive role, in the community and do things that help out and make this a great place to live,” said Jacobs.

Don't miss your chance to see Glenn Jacobs, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, and other leaders of the liberty movement at LPAC 2014.


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