GOP Leadership Betrays Grassroots with Power Grab

C4L's latest press release focuses on the House GOP's Monday action to consolidate their power.

GOP Leadership Betrays Grassroots with Power Grab

 Shameful actions show Republican leadership learned little from November elections.

SPRINGFIELD, VA - In a gross display of power intended to send a message to the rest of the House GOP, Speaker John Boehner and House Republican leadership removed Reps. Dave Schweikert, Walter Jones, Justin Amash, and Tim Huelskamp from key committee assignments on Monday and replaced them with members more in line with GOP leadership

Schweikert and Jones were removed from the Financial Services Committee, where they served with outgoing Congressman Ron Paul and joined in his efforts to examine the actions of the secretive Federal Reserve

Amash and Huelskamp lost their positions on the Budget Committee.  Both voted against the Paul Ryan budget due to concerns it did not cut spending fast enough, and they have demonstrated more commitment to addressing Washington’s spending problems than party leadership and other members of the Budget Committee.

“Only in Washington would the mentality exist that members of a party should be punished for too rigidly adhering to that party’s supposed principles,” said Campaign for Liberty President John Tate.

“Our representatives take an oath to uphold the Constitution, not to blindly fall in line behind party leaders.  This is simply a betrayal of conservative grassroots activists by a GOP leadership that wants to consolidate its power and apparently has not learned its lesson from the November elections.  Compromise and abandonment of conservative principles led to devastating defeats for the Republican Party, yet this cycle is continuing under John Boehner’s watch.

“Both Walter Jones and Justin Amash endorsed Congressman Ron Paul for President, and Dave Schweikert defeated leadership’s preferred candidate, Ben Quayle.  Does House leadership consider this payback?  If so, they are the only ones impressed by this power grab.”

Founded in 2008, Campaign for Liberty now includes over half a million members nationwide.   The organization’s rapid growth and success have been fueled by grassroots members disgusted with the status quo and determined to advance the freedom message.

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