Does GOP Leadership Want to Destroy the Liberty Movement?

Maybe...since according to several media reports new GOP whip Steve Scalise consulted with lobbyist (and former staffer for then-speaker Dennis Hastert) John Feehery to help vet potential staffers. Since Hastert's speakership represented the heyday of "big government" conservatism, once would hardly expect Feehery to be a champion of the GOP's growing liberty wing.

But give Feehery points for being honest. Unlike many in the ”establishment" or K Street wing of the GOP, who publicly proclaim support for our agenda, while working behind the scenes to undermine us, Feehery is  openly hostile to the liberty movement and our agenda. Look at this excerpt from his blog where he calls for the 'Tea Party" to be purged from the GOP. His list of grievances shows that most of what bothers him about what he labels the "Tea Party" are those areas where the "Tea Party" agenda intersects with the liberty movement:

They hate common core standards.  Hate Obamacare.  Hate extending the debt limit.  Hate reopening the government.  Hate the NSA.  Hate immigrants.  Hate the establishment.  Hate big corporations.  Hate Labor.  Hate the Federal Reserve.

Notice that Republican Feehery sounds like an employee of the Southern Poverty Law Center when he accuses supporters of limited government with being motivated by "hate.” Feehery is a strong supporter of Export-Import Bank so when he accuse us of hating big corporations I assume he is referring to our efforts to shut down Export-Import Bank and other types of corporate welfare. And I am at lost to what he means by we hate labor--unless not wanting workers to be forced by law to join or pay dues to unions is somehow an act of hate.

As objectionable as Feehery’s comments are, and as troubling the idea that he is picking staffers who will help to shape GOP policy,  Feehery’s open hatred for the liberty movement is actually beneficial. By admitting he opposes our agenda, he makes it easy for us to oppose him and to be on the lookout for sell-outs and betrayals by those offices that have used Feehery to "vet" his staff.

More dangerous is the typical Big Government Republicans who claims to be with us, but works behind the scenes to undermine our agenda. These types also work to "modify" our approach by saying the we need to "understand “that the time is just not right and we need to be realistic in our expectations of the GOP, else we are only going to help the Democrats.

Sadly, many well-meaning (and more than few not so well-meaning) activists and leaders fall for these line. The result is they excuse any and every betrayal by the GOP and end up actually hurting the cause they claim to care about.

That is why I am so excited about the training opportunities offered at LPAC 2014. At LPAC you will learn how to see through the tricks statist in both parties use to neuter opposition from the liberty movement. You will also learn how to effectively fight Big Government politicians in both parties.

Don't miss your chance to increase your understanding of the ideas of liberty and learn how to effectively advance those ides while having a great time doing it. Get your tickets for LPAC 2014 today!


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