GOP's snow job


Last Wednesday, while millions of liberty activists were Standing with Rand in opposition to President Obama's claim of executive power to conduct drone strikes against US citizens on US soil, others in GOP leadership were working to advance Big Government.

Some senators, including drone apologists John McCain and Lindsey Graham, were being wined-and-dined by President Obama, who is seeking GOP allies for his latest tax increase proposal.

Meanwhile, in the House of Representatives, GOP leaders were taking advantage of the panic over "snowquester" to ram through their "Continuing Resolution" (CR) funding the federal government through September. Originally, the continuing resolution was supposed to be voted on on Thursday.  However, there was a growing rebellion among rank-and-file GOP members, who, thanks to the efforts of Campaign for Liberty members, were beginning to realize that simply funding the government at "sequester levels" was not a victory for limited government.  These members were starting to put pressure on the leadership to allow a debate and a vote on real cuts, such as defunding ObamaCare.  Texas Representative Louie Gohmert also wanted to offer an amendment prohibiting the use of federal funds for President Obama's golf trips until the White House resumes public tours.

So the House leadership used the threat of a snow storm to move the vote up one day from Thursday to Wednesday, even though the worst of the storm was supposed to hit DC on Wednesday!  Clearly, this was a move to pass the CR through the House before the leadership would be forced to debate "real cuts, right now" on the floor of the House.  Unfortunately the leadership was able to pass the CR.

However, that there was even talk of a rebellion shows the success of Campaign for Liberty and other liberty-minded Americans' efforts to let Congress know the people will not be satisfied with the sequester's phony cuts and will not give in until we have "Real Cuts, Right Now."





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