Governor Hutchinson FLEXIBLE on ObamaCare?

Governor Hutchinson plans to address the “future” of Arkansas’ ObamaCare expansion on Thursday, January 22.

And he’s talking to other governors that have expanded their Medicaid programs under ObamaCare to see how much “flexibility” there is for “changes to the private option.”



That’s a far cry from the language he used during his campaign - he said he would "DEFEAT ObamaCare."

You and I both know that being “flexible” and making “changes” will not lead to the “defeat” of ObamaCare.

It appears that since he’s now safely in office, he’s trying to find a way to sell you out.

Call Governor Hutchinson at 501-682-2345 today and demand he stop compromising on ObamaCare expansion.

Tell him there is no flexibility on ObamaCare and that you expect him to DEFEAT it, just like he promised he would.

It’s imperative that Governor Hutchinson hears loud and clear that Arkansas citizens don’t want the expansion renewed.

And he needs to understand that support for Medicaid expansion under ANY name is support for ObamaCare.

If Arkansas renews the expansion this year, you’ll be shackled with higher taxes, less freedom, more fraud, and lower quality medical care for a long time to come.

And it’ll be that much harder to get rid of ObamaCare for good.

Ever since this boondoggle passed last year - after unprecedented arm-twisting and backroom deals - details have been trickling out about its true costs.

It was claimed ObamaCare expansion would be “budget-neutral.”

But that was a sham.

Now they’re admitting the cost will be at least $4,778,000,000.00. . . every 3 years.

And if Arkansas renews the exorbitant and costly program this year, the state will soon be required to start footing the bill for hundreds-of-millions of dollars taxpayers don’t have.

Your taxes will have to be increased to pay for it.

That means more money coming out of your pocket for big government.

Why would Arkansas want to continue piling even more debt on top of its citizens by continuing this failed scheme?

But the truth is if Governor Hutchinson and the Arkansas legislature renew Medicaid expansion in the upcoming session, higher taxes and out-of-control spending could be the least of your worries.

This scheme could mean the death of private health care in America.

ObamaCare is designed to completely destroy private sector competition and force all Americans onto a government-run system.

And to add insult to injury, the Arkansas "Private Option" plan was originally cobbled together by legislators based upon a flawed and biased study, prepared by the tax-prep firm Jackson-Hewitt - the very firm that receives bonuses for getting people to sign up for ObamaCare!

This has to stop

It’s vitally important you contact Governor Hutchinson at 501-682-2345 immediately to demand he DEFEAT ObamaCare expansion this session.

Is Governor Hutchinson so tempted to keep taking in all that “free” federal money that he’s willing to ignore the fact that renewing ObamaCare expansion will severely increase the costs paid by Arkansas taxpayers?

Medicaid cost taxpayers half-a-trillion dollars a year before states started expanding the program.

Aside from the costs and poor quality of Medicaid, the system is rampant with fraud and abuse.

In fact, ObamaCare expansion is estimated to cost taxpayers $60 billion per year in fraud alone.

It’s critical you contact Governor Hutchinson at 501-682-2345 right away and tell him there is no flexibility on ObamaCare.

Tell Governor Hutchinson you expect him to keep his promise and DEFEAT ObamaCare.

Please take action today!

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