Governor Hutchinson Gives ObamaCare Thumbs Up

Governor Hutchinson officially gave the thumbs up to ObamaCare and caved on expansion on January 22nd.

And he’s parsing out the details with the Obama Administration.

The renewal bill might advance at any time.

It’s critical you take action today!

You see, the governor says he wants to “phase out” Arkansas’ current ObamaCare expansion – eventually - and “replace” it with expansion under a different name.

And he wants to form yet another “task force” so they can “tweak” the program.

But Arkansas doesn’t need a task force to tweak ObamaCare – we need to end it NOW.

Click here to see if your State Legislators are on the ObamaCare Wall of Shame.

Be sure to contact them IMMEDIATELY and demand they end Arkansas’ disastrous ObamaCare expansion scheme.

Medicaid expansion by any name is still ObamaCare – a massively unaffordable failure that is driving UP costs and destroying our health care.

And working with the Obama Administration to make changes will not lead to the defeat of ObamaCare.

Your legislators need to hear loud and clear that Arkansas citizens don’t want the expansion renewed.

And they need to understand that support for Medicaid expansion under ANY name is support for ObamaCare.

If the Arkansas legislature capitulates on the governor’s scheme, the private option will be extended, “tweaked,” and continued under a new name.

If that happens, ObamaCare expansion will remain in Arkansas for a long time to come.

And it’ll be that much harder to get rid of ObamaCare for good.

It’s extremely urgent you contact your State Legislators RIGHT AWAY.

Demand they vote NO on Governor Hutchinson’s dangerous ObamaCare expansion scheme.

If Arkansas renews the exorbitant and costly program this year, the state will soon be required to start footing the bill for hundreds-of-millions of dollars taxpayers don’t have.

Your taxes will have to be increased to pay for it.

That means more money coming out of your pocket for big government.

Why would Arkansas want to continue piling even more debt on top of its citizens by continuing and “tweaking” this failed plan?

Unfortunately, if Governor Hutchinson and the Arkansas legislature renew Medicaid expansion, higher taxes and out-of-control spending could be the least of your worries.

This scheme could mean the death of private health care in America.

ObamaCare is designed to completely destroy private sector competition and force all Americans onto a government-run system.

And ObamaCare expansion is a key step toward that end.

That’s why it’s so important you contact your legislators right now, and demand they end ObamaCare expansion in Arkansas.

We can stop ObamaCare in Arkansas with sustained grassroots pressure, but you must take action today.

Click here to see if your State Legislators are on the ObamaCare Wall of Shame.

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