Governor Snyder and DNR Attack Family Farms


Dear Tony,
We've seen it before.  Over-zealous government bureaucrats, with guns drawn, show up at a family farm in order to deny you the right to access the foods of your choice.
How long will it be before the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) shows up with its own SWAT team and holds families at gunpoint?  This is not far-fetched at all when you consider the DNR's latest actions.
On April 1st, the DNR drastically expanded its jurisdiction onto family farms.  Through the use of an Invasive Species Order (ISO) issued under the Invasive Species Act, the DNR will seize and destroy heritage breeds of pigs raised by Michigan farmers.
The DNR will not compensate farmers whose pigs are destroyed.  Possession of prohibited swine after April 1 is a felony (a felony!) with penalties of up to two years in jail and $20,000 in fines.
It is not too late to stop this.  Take action now!  Please contact Governor Snyder and tell him to rescind this Invasive Species Order:
PHONE:  (517) 335-7858       
FAX: (517) 335-6863
Instead of using common sense in limiting the order to feral hogs that roam in wild and unfenced public and private lands, the DNR's interpretation could ban any pig in Michigan whether wild or domestic.
This is not just an attack on family farms; it's an attack on private hunting preserves where these pigs and other animals live in a contained environment.  You see, the DNR doesn't collect licensing fees from these private preserves like it does on public land.
Is this an attempt to eliminate private hunting preserves so the DNR can rake in more taxpayer money?
And why is the Michigan Pork Producers Association publicly supporting the ISO?  It probably has something to do with the fact that swine raised in their confinement facilities are exempt?  Cronyism at its best.  
So let

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