Happy Anniversary Campaign for Liberty

Ten years ago this month, 10,000 liberty-loving Americans gathered in Minneapolis, Minnesota to celebrate Ron Paul’s 2008 presidential campaign and launch Dr. Paul’s Campaign for Liberty.

Those in attendance enjoyed a week of special events— including a free concert and a book signing with Dr. Paul— culminating in the Rally for the  Republic, a day of speeches and songs featuring some of the liberty movements top figures including Lew Rockwell, Tom Woods, Doug Wead, Bruce Fein, Grover Norquist, Barry Goldwater Jr., Gary Johnson, Bill Kauffman, and of course, Ron Paul.

The event was inspirational. I don’t know anyone who did not leave there more motivated than ever to work for liberty. In the ten years since the kick-off event, Campaign for Liberty has achieved remarkable  victories including making Audit the Fed a major issue that has passed the House of Representatives twice and come within seven votes of getting 60 votes in the Senate, delaying renewal of some of the worst PATRIOT Act provisions, blocking legislation imposing new taxes on the Internet, and stopping legislation banning Internet gambling, stopping the anti-free speech DISCLOSE Act, and killing Cap-and-Tax.

Our state groups have won numerous battles for liberty including passing legislation treating gold and  silver as legal tender, ending civil asset theft, stopping crony capitalism schemes, protecting the Second Amendment, blocking ObamaCare expansion, protecting the First Amendment, and stopping the use of red light scameras.

Thanks to every Campaign for Liberty supporter for ten great years! With your continued support we will accomplish great things for the cause of liberty.

Watch a clip of highlights from the rally here.

Watch Dr. Pauls speech here.

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