Headline Hodgepodge

Surprise! It's not just the feds tracking your cell phone anymore. Following a series of FOIA requests by the ACLU, the New York Times reported on Sunday that local police around the country have been using cell phone tracking as a routine surveillance tool.  This has long been a topic of discussion among security wonks and other policy analysts, though few could have predicted the extent our cell phones are being used as “the virtual biographer of our daily activities."

A bipartisan group of state lawmakers signed an open letter telling the feds to lay off medical marijuana. Following yesterdays early morning raid of "Oaksterdam University," politicians from California, New Mexico, Colorado, Washington, and Maine are telling the federal government to back off.

The Constititution is IN again! So says Michael Barone from the Washington Examiner. Glad people are talking about what is, and what is not Constitutional again. Perhaps now if we could only get their elected officials to actually read it.  

Is Senator Rand Paul the most important anti-war politician? Conor Friedersdorf makes a convincing case after Rand's objection to Harry Reid's attempt to pass harsher sanctions on Iran without first adding an amendment stating, "nothing in this act is to be construed as a declaration of war or as an authorization of the use of force in Iran or Syria."

Can anyone think of a more terrifying prospect than unmanned arial drones flying above the world for months at a time, armed with nuclear weapons?  

Where did President Obama study constitutional law again? Yesterday, the President lashed out at the "unelected judges" sitting on the Supreme Court and warned that if the justices declared ObamaCare unconstitutional it would be nothing more than a case of judicial activism.  Today, he "pre-emptively hit" the court again, saying the justices don't take their responsibilities "seriously" if they rule the law unconstitutional. Give me a break.

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