Health Care in America is a FRAUD as it is limited to drug pushing and REJECTS all CURES

The world is being taken over by drug companies who own the medical research, medical schools and dictates what doctors will practice.  Doctors are not free to practice natural and safe cures just because the AMA has appointed itself as the all knowing god of health knowledge.  The AMA is owned by the drug companies and the AMA greedily limits health to drug pushing!

The AMA has NO CURES and should be blocked from attacking doctors who are curing cancers safely with natural and safe cures.  The AMA has been proven in court to commit the crimes of racketeering against other medical businesses, doctors and companies.  The AMA was not able to destroy the other doctors in court rooms, but then they were able to use the FDA to attack doctors and businesses successfully destroying doctors who CURE with safe and natural modalities.  THE FDA considers curing cancer with food and safe and natural modalities a crime?

The whole medical set up between the AMA, drug companies and doctors is fraudulent as is the research.  It is time we take our nation back from the biggest thieves in America and they are the medical profession and drug companies.  The insane costs alone should have been a flag to the fraudulent nature of these criminals!   If truth in health care were allowed, we would need very few doctors and emergency room business would become less as well.  Examples of good doctors who are constantly being attacked by the AMA are www.drbuttar.com and www.burzynskiclinic.com .  These two doctors are examples of how to cure the so called incurable diseases. 

Why are so many getting so many cancers today?  IS IT because of the ONLY COMMON DENOMINATOR nation wide?  The drug companies and medical profession have infiltrated our government and are FORCING toxic potions, drugs and vaccines onto our infants, children and adults alike  The increase in diseases and new diseases such as auto immune disorders are linked to vaccines, yet the AMA will not admit it.  The vaccines are toxic filled potions of death that are NOT what they are claimed to be. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO MAKE TOXINS SAFE!  How Naive to believe these lying doctors of the CDC and drug companies.  This may seem incredulous, but all the same it is true. 

YOU ALL KNOW that toxins cause cancer and disease!  Vaccines and drugs are full of deadly toxins.  It is STUPID to believe that the RISKS necessary evils.  That is so hypocritical!  Besides vaccines do not do what they claim!  It is BAD and FRAUDULENT science!  It is all a LIE!  The research of Dr. Rebecca Carely and others.prove that vaccines are weapons of mass destruction.   http://youtu.be/9WoMps4Pmpo

It is time for liberty to be full spectrum in this nation from freedom from the intrusive and over reaching federal agencies such as the EPA, FDA, TSA etc. to freedom in health care where doctors are SAFE to be honest and practice healing modalities that DO NO HARM!  THE AMA is not a federal agency, it is a UNION that has intruded into our government under the guise of protecting the people, when in fact they are forcing people to take toxic potions that are killing people!  The AMA has had to use the government to FORCE it on the people because common sensed people resist these lies of the AMA!  We need to charge every congressman and senator who takes money from drug companies and doctors with crimes as we need to charge the drug companies with crimes against the people!

Ellen Diann Messer


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