Here they go again

The election madness rages on, but what’s happening in the background has me more troubled.

States are clamping down with restrictions and business shutdowns again.

Nationwide mask mandates are being proposed.

The rushed and potentially MANDATED vaccine could be out in just a matter of weeks based on breaking news from Big Pharma.

We are coming closer and closer every day to a dystopian nightmare that nobody will be immune from.

You and I have to stop this now.

I’m personally asking you to sign your postcard now to tell your governor to stop the new lockdowns, mask mandates, forced vaccinations, and the new favorite of the surveillance state – contact tracing.

As the so-called “spike in cases” is being reported in different states, out-of-control governors are becoming even more authoritarian, even though they have no evidence that any of their measures work or that this isn’t just the natural cycle of a virus.

In Michigan, Governor Gretchen Whitmer has ordered all restaurants to record the name and contact information of everyone who dines there and send it all to a centralized contact tracing database.

The state wants to know when and where you’re going out to eat! What’s next?

Over the weekend, Utah’s Republican Governor Gary Herbert ordered the state locked down and a statewide mask mandate, which is effective immediately.

And to make matters worse, Herbert is doing his best California Governor Gavin Newsom impression by trying to limit who is allowed to be in your home.

These tyrants never rest.

They are trying to mask your liberty! Can I count on you to sign your postcard to your governor now demanding an END to this madness?

Maybe Governor Herbert was signaling his loyalty to Joe Biden who is trying to implement a nationwide mask mandate.

Joe Biden seems to think that he can goad every single governor in the country to regulate what people are required to wear on their face with no evidence that it will have any kind of positive effect on public health.

Governor Herbert may be trying to get on Biden’s good side, but he’s not going to like the results of this mandate if Utah is anything like the rest of the country.

Graph after graph shows the case counts in many states shooting way up after a mask mandate.

In fact, there’s no study or trend which actually shows that masks do anything to stop the coronavirus.

It’s just a lot of virtue signaling, and at best it’s a “feel good” measure for those who think the government can solve a health crisis.

They need to be told to stop! How many more rounds of this overreach are we going to tolerate?

Sign now to tell your governor to stop the new lockdowns, mask mandates, and the new favorite of the surveillance state – contact tracing.

In addition to states in the U.S., many countries with mask mandates show a major increase in “cases” since their mask mandates went into effect.

You’ll probably remember that back in March, which seems like lifetimes ago, Dr. Anthony Fauci said masks may “make people feel better and may prevent a droplet,” but the general public should not be wearing them.

What changed, Doctor?

Biden and Fauci can make their proclamations that states should clamp down on citizens with damaging mandates and shutdowns, but it’s ultimately up to your governors and they must hear from you!

Sign now to tell your governor to stop the new lockdowns, mask mandates, and the new favorite of the surveillance state – contact tracing.

How can any of this behavior be justified?

Part of the problem is that the media and the politicians are still busy creating hysteria eight months after the emergency declarations started.

They now call any type of a positive test, even the discovery of an antibody, a “case” and then continuously say that they’re “spiking.”

The definition of a “case” has been irresponsibly stretched to include just about any trace of a coronavirus being detected in a test.

It has nothing to do with hospitalizations, which are a different statistic and are a much better measure of how serious of a problem there may be.

Yet every single day across the country, the corporate media splashes the scary looking case count all over headlines and tickers. This practice is disgraceful and is never done for the seasonal flu.

Governors spring into action as soon as the public is at a fever pitch about cases and they clamp down on citizens and small businesses.

Sign now to tell your governor to stop the corona-tyranny!

Our personal and medical freedom is not negotiable, no matter what Joe Biden or any governor has to say about it!

Please sign tell your governor to stop the madness now and then chip in to help Campaign for Liberty continue the fight.

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