Herk Editorial #4

                             When it comes to preparing for the future, we are the most decadent people who ever lived. We are the New Romans and our empire faces a decline of epic proportions. So mighty is our evil empire that we threaten to ruin the entire planet in order to prolong our luxurious lifestyles for as long as possible. Like the Roman Emperors, our presidents make a big show about embracing the most popular religion while holding no true allegiance to the spiritual beliefs that we are all responsible for our criminally decadent society that makes the world a much more unsafe place through wretched politics and selfish mentalities that worship the Almighty dollar over our safety and environment. Also, like the notoriously corrupt Roman Senate, our legislative branch continually attempts great works and commits hideous crimes simultaneously (often on the same bill). Bipartisan compromise is not a validation of a bill; but rather a means of two rival factions to sell out and be literally bribed (not necessarily illegal bribes since both parties shamelessly chase after favor seekers to fill their election coffers). Doing terrible deeds while promising the moon has become so commonplace in our grossly irresponsible society that most of the population picks a side for some reason and then tunes out most broken promises because the other side is considered the bigger liars. But it is not just the politicians who are not held accountable for not fixing the many problems; it is the American people itself who are most to blame for the sorry sack of mess we call modern life, after all, our politicians are just a sad reflection of what we consider important (like worshiping money over nature). If all the countries consumed natural resources at the outrageous rate America currently burns, then our planet would be already be a somewhat barren rock similar to the tragic microcosm of Easter Island. Some scientists theorize that it would take more than two dozen planets to sustain a world population that consumes at the same amount (per person) that Americans do. Of course, the massive, ever-increasing, population explosion in this century should curtail some of the excessive behavior in waste management (the growing movement of recycling is a prime example), but there will also be many more selfish individuals who will uncaringly pollute and purposely degrade the vital value of nature. For instance, every year the inhuman race adds six billion tons of carbon dioxide (25% of this amount from the corporate states of America) largely from the burning of fossil fuels and the destruction of forests. I can relate to those individuals who realize that only an extreme disaster can force the robber barons (British Petroleum and Exxon immediately come to mind) to strict accountability and higher standards; but We The People must demand a total separation from soulless corporate interests and America's political interests (which are almost entirely one in the same). Corporations' merging with our policy makers is fascism especially since the military is forced to engage in police actions to justify the absurd contracts that are given (or even bribed for). "Democracy" in America has become a product brand and "privatization" is a brilliant marketing strategy to dupe the ignorant into endorsing elitist fascism. Whether you are a libertarian or a fiscal conservative you should not only join the Green community but reject both the Republicans and the Democrats outright because they are literally condemning future generations to live in utterly toxic conditions (sooner or later the inhuman race will pay the price for our self-indulgent excesses). We are the New Romans, and while our self-serving Senate systemizes formalized tribute in anonymous committees out of the prying eye, the barbarians are at our gates.

                                                                                                                   Herk Singh

                                                                                                                   September 11, 2010     

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