Hold on to Your Wallet When Politicians Start Flattering You!


It always makes me nervous when a politician starts flattering the voters.
Much of the time, their flattery is designed to keep you from paying attention to what they are really doing.
Take it from Gail Haines, chair of the House Health Policy Committee: "I think Michiganders are doers; I think we can get it done " 
Gail Haines, a Republican, didn't mention ObamaCare by name, of course.  She cleverly couched this admission in empty praise of Michiganders being "doers."  
Maybe she thinks we are too vain to notice her admission that she is planning on passing the ObamaCare exchanges out of committee.
Just as directly, she insisted elsewhere "we must prepare to put an exchange in place."
That's why it is so important for you to click here and sign our petition and it is even more important that you forward this on to your friends and family. 
Of course this isn't surprising. Rep. Haines also passed out of her committee a bill that prevents you from buying over the counter cold medication unless you submit to entering their government tracking system (an implementation of ObamaCare).  She also voted for it on the House floor.
And how can we forget she voted to start the implementation of electronic health records which is also another ObamaCare mandate?
You see, if we don't take these threats seriously now, we may not be able to stop them later.  ObamaCare has already passed the Republican Senate and it has already had hearings in the House Health Policy Committee. 
This means the bill can be brought back into committee as prior business and we would never know.  They can ram it through committee and across the house floor the night before a vacation or big holiday--and we wouldn't know until it's too late.
We must act now.  Click here to sign our petition now and please pass this email on to your friends and family.
There will be no greater disaster than a government-run health care system.
It is up to you and I to stop this.  Left to their own devices, the politicians will take over health care and subject it to their destructive central planning.  This is a system that our children will be forced to use for the rest of their lives.
In Liberty,
Tony DeMott
Michigan State Coordinator
P.S. If our state sets up an ObamaCare Exchange, the Federal Government will have complete control over your health care. Don’t let it happen. Click here to sign the petition and send this email to all of your friends and family.

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