How Many Americans has the Government Spied On?


That was the fictitious number Senator Paul chose to use to highlight the gravity of the number of Americans caught up in the government's national security dragnet since 9/11, in a recent speech in Las Vegas. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZ9jBWjZWvI

Judge Napolitano, in an op-ed in the Washington Times explains that Senator Paul, "who, when he asked the government to tell him what it was doing to violate our privacy, was given a briefing that was classified. The senator — one of just a few in the U.S. Senate who believes that the Constitution means what it says — was required by federal law to agree not to reveal what spies and bureaucrats told him during the briefing in reply to his inquiries about the government's violations of the right to privacy."

The Judge continued:

when asked what he learned at these secret briefings, and aware that he could be prosecuted for telling the truth, chose a fictional word to describe the vast number of violations of privacy at the hands of federal agents revealed to him in the briefings — gazillions. Mr. Paul's personal courage in using a word like gazillions to convey an oblique message of truth in the face of an unjust law that commanded his silence reminded me of St. Thomas More’s silence in the face of an unjust law that commanded his assent to the king’s headship of the Church.

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