How Many Wars Does President Obama Want?

It seems so very long ago when President Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.  He got it only because he hadn't had enough time to start any new wars.  But he's sure been busy since then!

He's made Afghanistan his own war, with more American dead since he took office than before.  He tried to extend the U.S. occupation of Iraq.  He has ramped up drone campaigns in Pakistan and Yemen.  He pushed regime change in Libya.  He has put troops into Uganda to help fight guerrillas there.  Now the Kenyans want American support to fight in Somalia.

According to the Los Angeles Times:

Kenya's government has made an urgent appeal to the Obama administration for the Pentagon to provide intelligence and logistical support to Kenya's faltering month-old military operation in Somalia against the Shabab, a powerful Al Qaeda-linked militia.

Administration officials are considering the request, which came through the State Department, to provide military surveillance and reconnaissance that could include imagery from drone aircraft. Such aid would represent a significant expansion of U.S. involvement in the chaotic East African nation.

The 2,000 Kenyan troops that crossed into southern Somalia last month quickly bogged down after seasonal rains turned local roads into thick mud, leaving the invading forces far short of key Shabab strongholds to the north.

It's time to resurrect Nancy Reagan's "just say no" campaign against drug use.  Only this time it should be deployed against military intervention overseas.

Just say no, Mr. President!  We already are fighting far more wars than we need.

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