How to Play Online Pokies?

Playing pokies online is same as the playing pokies on a slot machine in a pub, club or casino. On a slot machine there is a coin chute or note acceptor for making bet. But in online pokies, you place your bet through the credit card. Online gambling casinos offer the option of playing some free round. But finally the game starts with money.
In online pokies on the lower part of the screen, there are two rows of buttons which co-operate the player with the machine. There are six buttons on the top row. The extreme left button in the first top row is known as collect. Using this button the player collects his money. The next five buttons transmit to the number credits bet per line. The number of credits is 1, 5, 10, 20 and 25.
There are eight buttons in the bottom row. The first button is “take win/reserve”. This button stops the accumulation of winning amount of the player. When the player presses it twice then it will reserve the machine for three minutes. The next five buttons communicate to the number of lines per spin. When the player selects any one of the buttons it will activate spinning of the reels. After these buttons the “gamble” button is found. This button doubles the winning bet of the player if he has just scored a winning reel. When the player presses it twice then it will reduce his gamble bet to half.
When the player is ready to play he must select his bet per line from the buttons of top rows. If he selects any of the lower buttons, the reels will start rotating. If any one wants to learn online pokies the finest way is to play the few free rounds that most of the online casinos offer. There is a range of pokies games to choice from, alternating from Queen of the Nile to Penguins play. Once the new player feels comfort then he can play with real money.

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