Hurrah for the Nanny State

Otherwise we would be helpless to resist  phony mayonnaise and stop our children from drinking too much soda.

The ever vigilant folks at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have discovered a new threat they must protect us from: organic mayonnaise.

That's right, the FDA has issued a "warning" letter to the manufacturers of Hampton Creek organic  mayonnaise claiming their product violates the federal definition of mayonnaise since their organic product does not contain any eggs or egg yolks.

The FDA also claims that Hampton Creek mistakenly claims its Mayo is "cholesterol-free" even though it does meet the general standards for making that claim. However, the FDA has a different standard for foods that are "customarily consumed" in small doses.

One need not be a radial libertarian to find the notion of federal regulations of what does and does not count as "cholesterol free," not to mention the idea of it, more than a bit absurd.

(hat/tip: Reason magazine.)

Thankfully, the FDA is not the only government busybody hard at work protecting us from dangerous foods. New York legislator Matthew Titone has introduced legislation to prevent minors from buying a dangerous product without parental permission:

New York State Assemblyman Matthew Titone wants all sugary drinks off limits for children 18-years old and younger. He’s specifically looking at drinks 16 ounces or larger.

As a result, kids and teenagers across the state couldn’t buy most soft drinks from a fast food chain or buy a regular 20 oz. bottle of soda unless they had their parents’ permission.

Read more at this link, also watch the video, which includes an interview from a mother who has the bizarre idea that making sure her children do not drink too much soda is her responsibility, not the responsibility of politicians and bureaucrats.

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