If Republicans support Internet Sales Taxes, then what is the point of having a GOP?

Good question, as asked by Glen "Kane" Jacobs in his latest piece on the National Internet Sales Tax Mandate:

"Republicans claim that the best way to stimulate the economy is to cut taxes and government spending, and let the market work its magic. Those Republican senators who voted in favor of the Marketplace Fairness Act voted against the free market and failed to live up to their limited-government rhetoric.

If this Internet Tax Mandate passes the House and is signed into law, not only will it effectively raise taxes on millions of Americans, it will destroy jobs and further burden an economy that is already creaking along under the weight of too much government.

That so many Democrats are for this is outrageous enough — but if the GOP can’t even stand against more government and taxes, what is the point, exactly, of even having a Republican Party?"

One Republican who has not forgotten that the GOP is supposed to oppose new taxes and regulations is Representative Thomas Massie.  As I blogged yesterday, tomorrow, Representative Massie, along with other freshman representatives, will be holding a half-hour special order to highlight their opposition to the National Internet Tax Mandate.  The time of the special order is still to be determined but will most likely be sometime in the late afternoon/early evening. Under the House schedule, a Democrat member gets to deliver the first special order tomorrow (the first special order slot rotates between the parties), so Mr. Massie will be the second special order of the day.

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