Illegal Milk?

raw milk

Did you know that right now milk is illegal and people are being arrested for buying and selling it?

That's right!  Farmers are being criminalized for selling real milk!

Real milk (or raw milk) comes straight from the cow and is believed by many to have qualities that are lost in pasteurized milk (the kind you buy in the store).

Although some believe that raw milk is dangerous, in fact, it is often better quality milk.  Many raw milk farmers keep grass-fed cows that are not confined in manure-laden pens and fed hormones--common practices with pasteurized milk.

Right now the sale of Raw milk is illegal in Wisconsin because the government is in bed with the industrial farm lobby.

Does it make any sense to you that an all-natural milk that comes from cows is illegal?

It doesn't make sense to Max Kane.

Max Kane was diagnosed with the chronic digestive disorder Crohn's disease at age 10.

He suffered abdominal and joint pain.  He had thin bones and only 110 pounds on his 5 foot 10 frame.

After 13 years, he heard about the primal diet--raw meat, raw eggs, raw milk.  He gained 80 pounds, and his symptoms went away, he said.  He hasn't needed medication or seen a doctor in five years.

He credits raw milk and has devoted himself full-time to promoting its benefits and helping others get it.

Since then Max Kane has tried to help others get raw milk and because of this the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection has come after Max Kane.

Again: does this make any sense, that the government is coming after and trying to ruin the life of a person just for drinking an all-natural product, raw milk?

The battle to legalize raw milk in Wisconsin is heating up once again; last year a compromised raw milk billed passed but was vetoed by governor Jim Doyle.

This year we have a much better chance of legalizing raw milk with a good bill; the powerful Milk Lobby though is bringing out the big guns to make sure that does not happen.

Will you sign this petition in support of Raw Milk and people like Max Kane that just want to be able to drink milk without being considered criminals?  Click here to sign the petition and show your support for raw milk.

Wisconsin farmers and consumers who want to sell and drink raw milk should be allowed to do so without the heavy hand of government coming down on them.

We need to legalize raw milk, plain and simple, with no strings attached.

Click here to sign the petition to legalize raw milk in Wisconsin.

In Liberty,

Todd Welch
Interim State Coordinator
Wisconsin Campaign for Liberty

P.S. Why is the Wisconsin government afraid of all natural milk?  Why do they want to criminalize farmers for simply selling milk from a cow?  Click here to sign the petition to legalize raw milk in Wisconsin.

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