I'm sick of it

Mandated face masking for children to attend school. . .
Biochips required for travel. . .

Mandated vaccines to access basic services. . .

The real “super-spreader” in 2020 is TYRANNY.

The political class and Big Pharma are on the war path against your health freedom. They will not stop with their agenda to profit off the fear and uncertainty over the overblown coronavirus, even after 7 months.

They will tell you to “trust the science,” until something scientific comes out that doesn’t promote the narrative of mass testing, masking, contact tracing, and vaccinations.

That’s how you know they are willing to lie, even if it causes more harm to your health.

The truth just isn’t as profitable.

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If they’re not lying, the stretching of the truth has been just as damaging. Remember just a few short weeks ago when the CDC started revising their statistics?

They released numbers in September showing that the coronavirus is quite a bit less deadly than the seasonal flu.

Their numbers are so much lower than any of their projections or statistics that had been reported prior -- it really makes you wonder what the motivation is. In fact, only one age bracket (those over 70) even has more than a 0.5% chance of dying from a COVID-19 infection.

That’s much lower than the flu, but that didn’t stop all the plans to interfere with our daily lives and shut down businesses, schools, churches, and even their own public meetings.

Have all the quarantines, mask mandates, business, school, and church shutdowns just been one large submission ritual to runaway government?

Just look at the results:

>>Tens of millions lost their previously viable jobs and had to go on the new hybrid welfare program cooked up by Congress in the CARES Act.

>>Big government cronies and Big Pharma have seen profits explode since March, while small businesses have been destroyed by the thousands.

>>Average Americans are fighting with each other over mask wearing and “distancing” even though it’s never been proven that these measures work or that healthy people spread this virus.

>>Children are forced to wear masks over their mouth and nose just to be able to attend school, even if it’s not healthy for them despite evidence from around the globe proving they’re not at risk.

The ability for the political class to pit us against each other and force us to make poor decisions about our own personal health and well-being has never been more on display than it is right now.

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Another form of complete intrusion into our daily lives we’ve had forced upon us by Big Tech are these “Contact Tracing Apps.” These apps have been either covertly installed on our phones or made available as a “tech solution” to our health woes.

There’s no way to restrict them from sharing our private information with the government, once they’ve been installed.

The only problem is there’s no evidence they work, even after months of use. Just yesterday, Medical Xpress published an article calling into question any effectiveness of these apps and openly asked if it’s even worth the legal risks of implementing them through government bureaucracies.

Perhaps they’re wising up to the fact that forcing people into quarantine over a cell phone app is a recipe for a lawsuit.

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Ever since this virus started making its way to our country, the big obsession has been over rushing a vaccine, as if that’s the only way we’ll ever get out of these lockdowns and mandates being forced on every part of our lives.

In fact, one of the largest counties in the U.S., Maricopa County, which includes Phoenix, AZ, has mandated through their board of supervisors that everyone must wear masks when they leave their house until 40% of their population has taken this conceptual vaccine, which doesn’t exist and may never be released.

Yesterday, it was announced that one of the volunteers in a major Big Pharma vaccine trial has died. Many more have reported becoming sick in various other coronavirus vaccine trials this year.

Some researchers issued a warning yesterday that at least FOUR of the vaccines currently being tested could increase the risk of contracting HIV!

So will Maricopa, a county of 4.5 Million people, continue their mandate despite the fact that it’s contingent on a vaccine with legitimate safety concerns becoming available?

It’s time to fight this now, on every front.

Your opinion matters! Please fill out your health freedom survey with important questions that we NEED your opinion on.

Let’s all make sure we make our feelings known to the politicians, bureaucrats, their cronies in Big Pharma, and Big Tech that we’re not going to sacrifice our health freedom for their bottom line.

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