Indiana's time is coming

                        Welcome Hoosiers to the new CFL website. I am so excited to see many new and great features. What scary and exciting times we live in and I am so glad to be surrounded by people that love and respect liberty as I do.                                                                                                                                

                        Indiana has had some success this year, for instance we are one of the few states that is not in the red. Indiana was also ranked as the 3rd freest state in the US. Way to keep fighting for liberty Hoosiers. We also helped to defeat a State wide smoking ban and help to protect private property owners right to choose what kind of clientele they want.

                          But there is still much work to do as our liberties are threatened everyday if we don’t remain vigilant. One of the big issues that we Hoosiers will be working on with our legislatures is making sure that the 4th Amendment is protected.

                           Most of you are aware that the Supreme Court of Indiana ruled that you are NOT secure in your own home.   They ruled that to maintain officer safety that if the police  come in your home illegally you have no right to resist. The Supreme Court of Indiana said you can figure it out later in court. This is unacceptable for me and hopefully for you.

                           Our home is our castle and one of the reasons for the first Revolutionary War was to protect private property from the Kings invasion and taxes. Have we forgotten this so soon? I sure hope not and hope you will join me as we fight to protect our homes and any other issues that come up that threaten our Liberties.

Let me know if you have any questions or any ideas as we continue our fight for freedom and liberty


Melissa Lineberry




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