Inept Government? No Surprises There.

By Luke Marrazzo

The federal government is a corrupt, bureaucratic mess. This is an indisputable fact. Just from what makes the news, we know the federal government will be incapable of verifying whether someone qualifies for the “health exchange” subsidies to be made available under ObamaCare, so the subsidizes will be allocated on the “honor” system. That’s right; the government is just going to trust that everyone who enrolls in the exchanges actually qualifies for the subsidies.  Now, thanks to masters-in-accounting.org, we know that through this chaos the government has at least 12.4 trillion dollars which are completely unaccounted for. Since 1999, we have lost or had hidden from us enough money to pay for at least 73% of the national debt. This astounding figure brings to light the depth of the corruption and ineptness with which our hard-earned tax dollars are handled.

When it becomes so abundantly clear that government bureaucrats can’t even keep their own record keeping straight, even the most die-hard statists must ask whether or not the government is competent enough to appropriately handle nationalized healthcare (obvious from the above example isn't it), countless overseas military ventures, and data-gathering on nearly every citizen, among numerous others tasks the government has appointed itself to run. In the end, this all comes down to trust, and the more the people are educated about the unceasing  incompetence demonstrated by their government, the less they will trust it and the more this distrust will be made manifest on election day.

You can see the facts for yourself from this well-documented article exposing more details on the American people’s vanishing money here. Then, take action in your communities by holding your local leaders accountable. Ensure they are balancing their budgets and spending your tax dollars wisely. It is local leaders who move up the political ranks to become members of Congress; so it is up to you to make certain they are held accountable now and they learn now that the American people do not tolerate
incompetence when it comes to the handling of their money, they will be less inclined to allow it to occur as they move up the political ladder.  The political process should never be ignored on any level, which is why it is up to you to help form a new kind of responsible politician on election day.

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