Invasive Species Order - Petition Draft

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has issued an Invasive Species Order outlawing heritage breed pigs on family farms.  The DNR has defined this order such that all pigs are outlawed and then carves out an exception for factory confined pig operations.

The DNR claims that there is a feral pig problem in Michigan, yet they are forcing farmers to kill pigs that are enclosed in fences and pens.  In fact only 50 feral pigs were killed in the wild during 2011, yet over 140,000 deer will killed during the same time frame.

This Invasive Species Order makes a felon out of anybody that owns heritage breed pigs.

The list of characteristics that classifies a particular pig as an invasive species even includes "Other characteristics not currently known to the MDNR".  Meaning anything could be included in the future, leaving the door open for more abuse.

The rights of Michigan's citizens to choose what food we grow and consume is a natural right that is being infringed upon by Governor Snyder and his DNR.

Please sign the petition below to demand that all public servants involved in this blatant destruction of liberty, cease immediately.


Petition to rescind the Department of Natural Resources Invasive Species Order Amendment No. 1 of 2010

Whereas: There is no evidence that feral swine are a problem in Michigan.  Less than 50 feral swine, compared to over 140,000 deer, have been shot in Michigan during 2011.  Most hunters and outdoorsman have never even seen one.

Whereas: The people of Michigan have a natural right to be secure in their property and the DNR is violating this right.

Whereas: The people of Michigan have a right to farm and consume the food of their choice.

Whereas: The DNR is forcing farmers to kill their whole herd of pigs eliminating an entire industry for the benefit of factory farms and powerful industrial food lobbyists.

Whereas: Heritage breed pigs on family farms are not feral pigs and do not pose a threat to anybody.

Whereas: Governor Snyder and his DNR claim that farmers are voluntarily complying but the reality is that they are threatened with a felony, outrageous fines, and being put in a cage.  All at the end of a barrell of a gun.

Whereas: The welfare of a society can only be measured by the welfare of the individuals; and Governor Snyders opinion that the "narrow economic gain of an individual" is of less importance than the welfare of the state represents a belief system that is contrary to free markets and the American way of life.

Therefore, be it resolved that we, the undersigned, demand that all efforts to implement Invasive Species Order Amendment No. 1 of 2010 be halted immediately.

Be it further resolved that we, the undersigned, demand that the legislature pass legislation that removes the power to do things like this from any government bureaucracy.

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