Iowa Leaders Oppose Attack on Syria

As Congress continues to debate authorizing the President to attack Syria (though the administration may still unconstitutionally act even if Congress rejects the move), grassroots leaders in Iowa have added their voices to those of millions of other Americans opposing action.

Below is the Republican Party of Iowa's press release containing their letter to Senator Chuck Grassley, Congressman Tom Latham, and Congressman Steve King, the signers' names, and a link to a petition Iowans in agreement can sign.

For Immediate Release: Friday, September 6, 2013
Contact: Republican Party of Iowa, 515.282.8105

Iowa Leaders Sign Joint Letter to Grassley, Latham and King
GOP Officers, State Legislators & Christian Leaders say "No" to Military Action in Syria

DES MOINES, Iowa- Today Republican and Conservative leaders from across Iowa came together to co-sign a joint letter to Iowa's Republican federal office holders, urging them to oppose military action in Syria. A vote on whether or not to authorize the use of force against Syria is expected in the United States House and Senate sometime next week. The open letter comes from over 30 individuals and is comprised of officers and leaders in the state Republican Party, elected officials, and respected Christian leaders. This list is expected to grow. A petition has been set up which Iowans can add their names to at the link here. The letter to Senator Grassley, Congressman Tom Latham and Congressman Steve King is as follows:

Dear Senator Grassley, Congressman Latham and Congressman King,

We, the undersigned, have come together in a show of unity to encourage you not to support President Obama’s reckless plans to get this nation embroiled in yet another military conflict in the Middle East, which the American people clearly do not support.

Polls show only 9% of the American people want our military involved in Syria. We shouldn’t use our troops to salvage the credibility of this administration and compound the President’s foreign policy mistakes by taking military action, an act of war which could easily escalate into a global conflict. While the news reports out of Syria are troubling, we know from experience that America getting involved will only make things worse.

It’s not fair to our troops to keep asking them to step up to be the world’s police force. For over ten years they have been called up again and again on similar efforts in the Middle East, resulting in the death of thousands of American soldiers and untold numbers of civilians, instability in the region, a broken economy at home, and a national debt of $17,000,000,000,000.

Further, our efforts in the Middle East have made it easier to target religious minorities, particularly Christians. The Associated Press is reporting that Christian villages in Syria are already being attacked by Al-Qaeda. Arab media has reported that as soon as we’re done helping Al-Qaeda in Syria they will turn around and target the hundreds of thousands of Syrian Christians. Why would we ask our troops to fight alongside Al-Qaeda, the very enemy we hold responsible for 9/11?

Nothing good can come of getting America involved in this civil war. We respectfully implore you to put a stop to this administration’s dangerous plans by voting “No” on any authorization of military action in Syria.


A.J. Spiker
Chairman, Republican Party of Iowa
Member, Republican National Committee

David Fischer
Co-Chairman, Republican Party of Iowa

Steve Scheffler
Republican National Committeeman from Iowa
President, Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition

Tamara Scott
Republican National Committeewoman from Iowa

Bob Vander Plaats
President, The Family Leader

Steve Deace
Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Host

Dr. Drew Ivers
State Finance Chairman, Republican Party of Iowa

John Kabitzke
Treasurer, Republican Party of Iowa

Mark Doland
Secretary, Republican Party of Iowa
Pastor, Park Church of Christ

Pastor Brad Sherman

Jeff Mullen
Lead Pastor, Point of Grace Church

Pastor Cary Gordon
Cornerstone World Outreach

Michael Demastus
Pastor of Fort Des Moines Church of Christ

Randy Davis
Drawing Closer Ministries

Pastor Robert Deever
Grace West Church

State Senator Jack Whitver

State Senator Dennis Guth

State Representative Jason Schultz

State Representative Dwayne Alons

State Representative Tom W. Shaw

State Representative Greg Heartsill

Former State Representative Danny and Joy Carroll

Former State Representative Kim Pearson

Chad Steenhoek
Iowa GOP State Central Committee

Kris Thiesen
Iowa GOP State Central Committee

Dave Cushman
Iowa GOP State Central Committee

Marcus Fedler
Iowa GOP State Central Committee

Joel Kurtinitis
Iowa GOP State Central Committee

Tony Krebsbach
Iowa GOP State Central Committee

Jeff Shipley
Iowa GOP State Central Committee
Tammy Kobza
State Director, Eagle Forum of Iowa

A petition has been setup by the Republican Party of Iowa for all Iowans who wish to add their names to this letter, here.

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