In a recent article I commented on I cannot stop thinking about the significance it has on our lives and in fact is the total significance to how life is for us today.

I ask if anyone is home because are you really being honest with you, are you looking in the mirror and asking the good hard questions about yourself, your actions or lack of and where the hell you think this is all headed. I have also sent an email to Campaign for Liberty emphasizing this as well because to Reclaim the Republic and Restore the Constitution honesty to ourselves will become a very important factor. Since I practice daily I thought it very appropriate to make it PUBLIC!


Some will say I suck at writing and others will say out loud I make them think. One, I am not a writer at all by trade or desire. But I have something to say and I choose a PUBLIC FORUM to divulge these ideas to be heard, looked at, discussed and to grow. If I sound pushy in my communications it is because its not taking place voluntarily is it? So I push at you to look for yourself don’t I? WHY? Because I look for myself and I find and for no other reason.


So the question becomes very appropriate; is anybody home? inside you living, that encompasses LIFE and all it has to offer and offer it does if we dare to explore it. So many say to me all the time, wow that is so true, YA THINK? Why is that? I am far from magic but I damn sure get outside and look around me and work hard on the habits so as to not pretend but be certain of. This has never been an easy task for me because I can find many other things to do but because others, people who are no better than I are imposing themselves upon me and for this reason I shall STAND, for this reason I need a location to stand and to present other public the concerns of my Republic as well your Republic.
I  am also working on a Website called A Producing American but keep in mind I am not a website builder either and I am finally getting some help from someone who agrees with my standing and my principals. This has not been easy either because many will not commit to something so clear cut lets say.


Here is my comment to; Audit the FED: Dodd-Frank, QE3, and Fed Transparency and my reason for reemphasizing it is to simply ask if you are home and will you look at this and ask you if what is stated is the truth and if so what is it you shall do and may the idea of A PUBLIC within A Republic become established here and now and be used to bring into existence our decision to Reclaim this Republic by choice.


Please dig in;




It is time to expose the monster and free ourselves of the grips by which it has placed. No other entity on earth has been more destructive in our decline and this has only facilitated the other most destructive entity our Federal and State Governments to the brink of insanity.


As we press our Congressmen and Senators to achieve such an important event they continually push us back telling us we must accept their decision to move forward with allowing the same course of events for the last 100 or more years. Those in Government have become very comfortable with this creation of expansion regardless of its destructive effects on OUR REPUBLIC.


The Federal Reserve is also one of the most secretive groups in all the world and the results bare witness they are destructive in deed and lavish in power and control of countries to use and manipulate to the highest degrees ever seen by mankind only to serve themselves and not that of THEIR MANKIND. To refuse this in all honesty is the lie that is being told abruptly to you the participant of the deed well imposed upon you.


You are as able as these men should you choose to be, our lack of decision on our part our only weakness. The informed decision the act of setting a particular direction and A Republic is by all accounts A DIRECTION that supports all life, all Liberty and all Pursuits of Happiness.


To deny this is to deny YOU, YOURSELF and your own capacity and capabilities as a LIFE form the ability to DECIDE and to BRING INTO EXISTENCE good ideas by great decision making.




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