James Bovard: Americans must know how the Federal Reserve is using its power

Libertarian muckraker and national treasure James Bovard recently spoke with Press TV about Senator Bernie Sanders' call for the Federal Reserve to bail out Greece and the need to Audit the Fed:

The US Federal Reserve System is acting as a “secret organization” that is undermining the credibility of the dollar, according to an author in Maryland.

The Federal Reserve, the central banking system of the US, “has been so out of control for a long time, but especially during the last 12 years,” said James Bovard, who serves as a policy adviser to The Future of Freedom Foundation, a nonprofit libertarian foundation.

“It’s helped cause a boom and bust in American real estate values and it could be doing the same thing again,” Bovard said during a phone interview with Press TV on Tuesday.

Americans must know “how the Federal Reserve is using its power and what the Federal Reserve has done to undermine the value and credibility of the US dollar,” he noted.

“You have a bank that acts like a private, secret organization that has huge power over the US economy and unfortunately a lot of power over the entire world economy, and American taxpayers, American citizens, have little or no idea where that power came from or how it’s being used.”

Read the whole article and listen to Mr. Bovard's interview here.

If you agree that Americans need to know how the Fed is using its power, make sure to sign the Audit the Fed petition.

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