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In the first quarter of this year,Fake jerseys yahoo display advertising business performance core declined 4%. Regardless of the payment to partners of money, yahoo the first quarter net income of $1.077 billion, $1.064 billion in the same period last year. Accept the analysts, on average, townsend Reuters survey is expected to net revenue in the first quarter of yahoo for $1.06 billion. Meanwhile, yahoo still expects second quarter net revenue from between $1.03 billion and $1.14 billion.
Encountered strong challenge
As the pioneer of line industry, yahoo Google and Facebook in recent years in the strong challenge, development speed slowed sharply. Thompson earlier this month announced layoffs 14%, and the reshuffle to management. Thompson said on Tuesday,NFL jersey sales yahoo will shut about 50 can't give companies' income or user participation has made a significant contribution to the assets.
As part of the restructuring work, the new commercial department Thompson, the department will initially by real estate existing online yahoo component of product. But some analysts say, Thompson neither business sector operation details to do a detailed description, and on how to improve the yahoo in the mobile market plan to keep secret.
As more and more users through smart phones and tablet computers,Best NBA jerseys mobile devices to access the Internet, mobile business has become the Internet enterprises pay attention to an important field of. Earlier this month, Facebook announced $1 billion purchase price move sharing application Instagram photo.
U.S. investment bank Susquehanna International Group analysts Herman beam said: "in the competition on hand, yahoo $1 billion into Facebook bought a mobile application,2011 MLB jerseys  already has Android platform of Google and the acquisition of the MOTOROLA mobile, yahoo and do what? The company's prospects are still full of uncertainty."

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