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The expected value high judgment reason is Web services. If you can write a software,Knock off jerseys provide the programmers as before the convenience of Moore's law that, that you can translate into a Web service, it also means that in fact you use all the users. As you can imagine, if there is a processor manufacturers to continue to improve the clock frequency and not circuit density, Intel's business will be seize. Also, Web service means that no one can see their processor, write a intelligent compiler as recovered the Moore's law, at least in the server market,Fake jerseys you and the processor manufacturers no difference. One of the most no ambition from the other side of the solution, for programmers to provide more lego type parallelization block, provide them with MapReduce like Hadoop similar framework, however, programmers still need to do a lot of optimization. In addition to an interesting middle route can walk, you can develop a semi-automatic weapon-that is both inside and some people's participation in the machine. On the one hand to do a similar to a very wise compiler things to value the user,Best NBA jerseys and at the same time for someone to use highly developed optimization tools to find out the user program bottlenecks, and then give it to eliminate. Do these things can be your employees, or you can also build a optimization market. In addition there are quite a good compromise, can build a semi-automatic tools. This will give the user quite intelligent compiler (but artificial will participate), in very developed optimization tools to find and eliminate the user program bottlenecks. You can get the work to his employees, or build a optimization for the existence of the packet market. The market for gradually create a fairly intelligent compiler may be feasible. Participants will be devoted to provide optimization tools,New NBA jerseys set each man's strength, we've got a fairly intelligent compiler, and belongs not only to a person.

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