Lawton Area Literature Drop Tomorrow, September 17th

Oklahoma Campaign For Liberty Members


We will be going into the Lawton area tomorrow starting at 9:00 am to drop literature and plant signs for the ArmesControl.com campaign.  Representative Don Armes has been blocking key issues at the Oklahoma Capitol and has made enough mistakes that he is unusually vulnerable to pressure.   Among his mistakes was screaming at two C4L volunteers at the Capitol in May, making public threats against the local Tea Party (which then suffered an office burglarly two weeks later), and helping to kill the anti TSA bill that was filed this year. Visit the webs site for more information about why Representative Don Armes is being targed for some voter education.   ArmesControl.com


We will meetup north of Lawton around 9:00 am tomorrow morning, September 17th.  Please call me at 4054-412-6233 anytime after 7:00 am and we  can provide you with signs, fliers, and maps of the areas that need covered.  Two or three people in a car can put out a lot of signs in a few hours!

This is a very effective tactic.   We learned yesterday that the upcoming Speaker of the House race has been lost by  House leadership.  The pressure that has been put on House leadership on the HR 1004 issue has the rank and file representatives screaming for the opposition to HR 1004 to be dropped so that the political pain will stop.  HR 1004 is the House rules change that allows all bills to get a fair hearing in committee, which will allow our anti TSA bill to move forward in 2012.


Please get involved in this voter education effort.  It feels good to hit back at corrupt politicians that stand in the way of liberty candidates and liberty issues.

Rally for the Republic,


Al Gerhart

State Co Cordinator, Oklahoma Campaign for Liberty



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