Leadership Training Class coming to Dallas & Fort Worth

Texas C4L is hosting our one day political leadership class again, this time in Dallas on Saturday October 18th and in Fort Worth Sunday the 19th. This class is crucial to give you the tools you need to fight against bad legislation and Liberty stealing politicians from the local level to the federal level. If you want to learn how politics actually works, how to pick an effective fight or just want to learn how to be more effective in communicating with politicians you need to be at this class!

Our Texas county leaders have all been through this fantastic one day class and it has helped them be effective fighting against unconstitutional photo enforcement, wasteful bond proposals, common core, the over militarization of local police and those that would reduce our gun rights. If you want to be a leader or just be effective in getting a politician to do what you want you owe it to yourself to learn how to win!

There also will be opportunities to move into leadership in Texas Campaign For Liberty. Our message of Liberty in Texas is spreading and you can join the fight! We give you all of the tools you need and this class is the biggest hammer in your toolbox.

Please join us Saturday October 18th in Dallas, Or in Forth Worth on Sunday October 19th.

You can register for the Dallas class by clicking here

You can register for the Fort Worth class by clicking here

In Liberty,

Byron Schirmbeck

State Coordinator

Texas Campaign For Liberty


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