Liberty at the Movies: The Autopsy of Jane Doe

Looking for a fun “B-movie” monster flick that could also serve as an allegory of blowback? Well have I got a treat for you.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe is a low-budget, cliched, yet well executed film currently available online. As the title suggests, the film centers around an autopsy of a “Jane Doe” performed by a father and son mortician duo on an unidentified corpse.

As the autopsy progresses, the morticians discover evidence that the corpse underwent bizarre tortures, such as a missing tooth in her stomach, and symbols, numbers, and even bible verses carved into her skin. As they progress, strange things happen, starting with the lights going out, then corpses going missing, then attacks by strange figures.

The film makes effective use of the natural fear generated by its mortuary setting and makes good use of the horror cliché. But what makes this movie unique is the villain. As they progress through the autopsy the father and son realize Jane Doe is a victim of the Salem witch trials. The son thinks she was put to death because she was an actual witch. The father realizes that no real witches were found at Salem, so she became a witch in order to seek vengeance against her tormentors and then against all of humanity.

Again this is not a great picture, but it is a fun little movie that also serves as look at blowback. So if you're getting together with your liberty friends for a Halloween party check it out!

You can obtain the movie from Amazon here. If you use this link to rent the movie you also help out Campaign for Liberty.

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