Liberty NewsWire: April 25, 2012

The Department of Labor is poised to put the finishing touches on a rule that would apply child-labor laws to children working on family farms, prohibiting them from performing a list of jobs on their own families’ land.

Under the rules, children under 18 could no longer work “in the storing, marketing and transporting of farm product raw materials.” - The Daily Caller

Nanny State

The Daily Caller - Rural Kids, Parents Angry About Labor Dept. Rule Banning Farm Chores

Reason - Building a 21st Century FDA

Internet Freedom

Forbes – Are All CISPA Supporters What They Appear to Be?

Los Angeles Times - CISPA Draws Closer to a Vote Amid a Flurry of Amendments

TSA & Travel Freedom

MSNBC - Former TSA Chief: Airport Security in America is 'Broken'

Politico – Francisco Canseco, a Freshman Republican from Texas, Reports TSA Altercation

War on Drugs

Reason - The Best Answer to Crackdowns on Medical Marijuana? A Medical Marijuana Vending Machine

Politico – Obama Clarifies His Stance on Medical Marijuana

Second Amendment

CBS Atlanta - Georgia Grandmother Foils Robbery By Getting Into Shootout With Suspects

Reason - Self-Defense Under Attack

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