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One of the big concerns we've had over politicians trying to regulate technology, is how gleefully ignorant they often seem to be about the technology they seek to regulate. It's no different with the cybersecurity bill CISPA. We've been asking for months for some actual evidence that shows that we really need a cybersecurity bill, and all we get are fanciful stories about planes falling from the sky and hackers taking down powergrids. If either thing was possible, the real response shouldn't be to set up a cybersecurity bill, but to disconnect those key infrastructure pieces from the internet." - Mike Masnick for TechDirt.com See full article immediately below.

Individual Liberty

Internet Freedom:

TechDirt - Congressional Reps Pushing CISPA Cybersecurity Bill Don't Even Know How To Secure Their Own Websites

The Nanny State:

The Daily Caller – Alabama Bans Beer Brand With Dirty Name

War on Drugs:

Forbes – High Roller: How Billionaire Peter Lewis is Bankrolling Marijuana Legalization

The Daily Caller – Univ. of Colorado Boulder Expels Mary Jane

Forbes – Let’s Be Blunt: It’s Time to End the Drug War

Gun Control:

Fort Worth Star Telegram – Obama Shouldn’t Press Gun Control, Bill Clinton Says

Police State:

KCRA News - Man Stun Gunned, Shot To Death By Deputy; Family Speaks

Reason - America, the Land From Which Torture Victims Now Seek Asylum

The Hill - Group Launches Mobile Phone App for Reporting TSA Profiling

Drones Over America:

The Wall Street Journal - Drone Use Takes Off on the Home Front

School Choice:

The Economist – Louisiana’s Schools: Governor Jindal Extends his Reach


Federal Reserve:

The New York Times – Wall Street Receives Volcker Rule Clarity

Free Enterprise:

Forbes – The DOJ’S Mugging of Apple Reminds Us That Antitrust is Theft

Reason - Greens to Hybrids: We Don't Love You No More

Government Waste:

Fox News  - Illinois city official accused of stealing $30M from taxpayers

IRS and Taxes:

Bloomberg - IRS Inspector General Warns of Alarming Rate of Identity Theft

Foreign Policy

War Powers Act/Syria:

The Hill - House GOP Challenges Pentagon on War Powers for Syria

Washington Post - Pentagon Leaders Say They're Planning More Options for Syria and Will be Ready if Obama Asks


The New York Times - U.S. Helicopter Crashes in Afghanistan, Four Feared Dead

CNN - Karzai Condemns Photos of U.S. Troops With Insurgents' Bodies



Waynesville Daily Guide – Missouri House Passes Health Care Measure

Cato @ Liberty - Politico: Opponents Are Winning the Debate over ObamaCare 'Exchanges'

Reason - Will the Fight Over ObamaCare Live Even if the Law Dies?

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