Liberty NewsWire - Oct. 03, 2011

After all the healthcare legal briefs have been filed by the currently scheduled date in late October, the Supreme Court is widely expected to officially agree to hear the dispute.

Arguments could be held in February or March, with a ruling likely by the end of June, in the midst of the presidential campaign in which Obama seeks another four-year term.

A ruling striking down the law would be a huge blow for Obama, legally and politically, months before the election. - Reuters

Obama's Healthcare Law Tops New Supreme Court Term - Reuters

Supreme Court Won't Review Gun Rights Outside of Home - Reuters

Former Staffers of Super Committee Members Now Lobby for Companies Affected by Its Outcome - Daily Caller

Senators Court 2012 Voters with China Currency Bill - Reuters

Obama Wants Vote on Jobs Bill This Month - The Hill

House Sets Up Battle on Funding Social Programs - NYT

Obama: Announcement on Trade Deal in Days - Reuters

The Secret Memo That Explains Why Obama Can Kill Americans - The Atlantic

Senior Leader of Haqqani Terror Network Captured in Afghanistan - Washington Examiner

U.S. Confirms Attacks by Pakistani Military Units - Washington Examiner

Israel Pushes Back on Panetta "Isolation" Warning - CBS News

GAO: Federal Data at Cyber Risk - Politico

Top Federal Watchdog Faces Budget Cuts - Washington Post

Lawyers Seeks Docs on NYPD Unit That Eyed Muslims - CBS News

Construction Spending Increased 1.4 Percent in August but Remains Well Below Healthy Levels - Washington Post

'Occupy Wall Street' Gains Institutional Cheerleaders - Washington Post

SCOTUS Allows 'iVote' Machines - Politico

Poll: Warren Competitive with Brown, Leads Democratic Pack - Roll Call

Nevada GOP to Hold Earlier Presidential Caucus - Roll Call

South Carolina GOP Moves Presidential Primary - Roll Call



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