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"An electronic curtain has fallen around Iran," U.S. President Barack Obama warned in a recent video message marking the Persian New Year. Government censorship and surveillance, he said, make it more difficult for Iranians to "access the information that they want," denying "the rest of the world the benefit of interacting with the Iranian people."

"Implied though not explicit in Obama's remarks was the idea that if Iran's Internet were freer and more open, Iran's relationship with the world generally -- and the United States in particular -- would be different. Cases like Iran are the main driver of Washington's bipartisan consensus around the idea that a free and open global Internet is in the United States' strategic interest." - By Rebecca MacKinnon for Foreign Policy.  See full article immediately below.

Individual Liberty

Internet Freedom and Privacy:

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War on Drugs:

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TSA & Travel Freedom:

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Gun Control:

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Foreign Policy


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Sound Money

Federal Reserve:

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