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Depending on whom you ask, cyberwar is either the “next threat to national security,” as the book by Richard Clarke and Robert Knake was titled, or “more hype than hazard,” as Thomas Rid of Kings College recently wrote in Foreign Policy.

But set aside the debate over how serious a threat cyberwar may be and the question of how to ensure security without sacrificing individual privacy. Instead, let’s focus on a fundamental technological shift that has occurred while most of us weren’t looking: Over the last decade or so, thoroughly analyzing the world’s data to identify potential cyberthreats has gone from difficult to impossible. The volume of digital information has become far too large." - John Villasenor for Slate.  See full article immediately below.

Individual Liberty

Internet Freedom:

Slate - Why the Government Can't Remain the Cybersecurity Czar

TechDirt - Fearmongering Around 'Cyber' Threats Puts Internet Openness At Risk

Forbes - Mozilla Slams CISPA, Breaking Silicon Valley's Silence on Cybersecurity Bill

Patriot Act/NDAA:

Salon - Since Bin Laden's Death

TSA & Travel Freedom:

NewsMax - Rep. Broun: Homeland Security, TSA Use 'Gestapo-Type' Tactics

Orlando Sentinel - TSA's PreCheck, a New Passenger-Screening Program, Could Use a Checkup

Police State:

Reason - Oakland Police Slapped for Militarized Response to Protesters

War on Drugs:

Reason - How the Obama Administration Plans to Convince Progressives That it Ended the War on Drugs

Reason - Dianne Feinstein: 'Just Say No' Is the Solution to Prohibition-Related Violence

Foreign Policy


Reuters - Pentagon Report Paints Mixed Picture of War in Afghanistan

CNN - Obama Vows to 'Finish the Job' in Afghanistan


The Washington Times - Pentagon is Planning 'Contingency' for Iran and North Korea

The Miami Herald - White House Expands Reach of Sanctions on Syria, Iran    


Federal Reserve:

CNBC – U.S. Treasuries Are “Junk,” Dollar Headed for Collapse: Schiff

CNBC - US Economy Faces Risk of 'Fiscal Cliff': Fed Officials

Big Government:

Townhall – John Stossel: Keeping Nature Exactly As Is … Forever

Townhall – Walter E. Williams: America’s Two-Faced Liberals



Washington Times – Atlas: Obama Policies Threaten the Most Vulnerable

Investor’s Business Daily – Big Firms Could Save Billions By Shifting to Obamacare’s Costs to Taxpayers

Reason - Is the Health Care Cost Curve Bending?

First Amendment:

TechDirt - Are Facebook 'Likes' Protected By the First Amendment?

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