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Liberty NewsWire: May 11, 2012


Liberty NewsWire: May 11, 2012

Hollande’s millionaire tax announcement during this year’s election campaign triggered a 30 percent spike in searches from France for prime properties in wealthy London neighborhoods such as South Kensington and Chelsea, according to real estate agent Knight Frank LLP.

“Seen from abroad, France is the last country where an entrepreneur wants to go,” Marc Simoncini, the founder of French dating site Meetic.com, said in an interview on BFM TV yesterday. “I don’t know of any British person who’s come to set up a business in France. But I know plenty of young French people who’ve gone to London to do that.” – Bloomberg

The European Union

Bloomberg – France Entrepreneurs Flee From Hollande Wealth Rejection

Reuters – Banks Prepare for the Return of the Drachma


New York Times – Christie Vetoes Health Insurance Exchange for New Jersey

Patriot Act/NDAA

Wired – Few Companies Fight Patriot Act Gag Orders, FBI Admits

The New American – NDAA 2013 Passes Out of Committee; Indefinite Detention Provisions Remain Intact

TSA & Travel Freedom

The Hill – TSA Denies Placing 18-Month-Old On 'No Fly' List

War on Drugs

Reason – Will Oregon's Next Attorney General Uphold Its Medical Marijuana Law?


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