Liberty Steps On Throats of Collective Do Gooders

Anything you need from someone else is something they can hold above you and out of reach to be dispersed upon their conditions. Those who hold the prize being sought after have now successfully gained control over you. You should need nothing from anyone but God because all others will betray. You cannot assemble a group of individuals responsible enough to guarantee sustainability of anything they control because they will waste and squander it. The only way to defend against this is to take away their control. Remove their hands from all aspects of your life. Don't allow someone else to be in charge of your destiny. Collectively, we fail together. No one will be spared the suffering brought on by the collective failing of the collectively well intentioned. The burden to succeed or fail has to be carried by the individual. Some will fail and some will succeed but at least we won't all fail, holding each other's hands. The government is holding our hands ever so tightly shouting, "Don't worry, I won't let go." There are some among us who can clearly see that our linked hands are creating a chain that holds us down so that we may all be brought to an apocalyptic ending together.
The reason this will always be the result when a group of individuals determine what's best for the masses and distribute the wealth as they see appropriate is because of human selfishness. Those who can only think from within the confines of their ego are led by good intentions which benefit no one but the one who is congratulated for those good intentions. They get a pat on the back for caring for others (which was their motivation when being charitable) and then hold their boots on the throats of those they helped so that they will forever be grateful for the generosity and are never not in need of it. This way the "charitable" may continue to be congratulated.
There are some leaders out there whose policies seek to benefit those people under the boot and free them from their bondage by showing them the way to self sufficiency so that they will never be dependent on another person's generosity again; so that they will be in charge of their own destinies. And when those whom are freed reach prosperity, we can only hope that as they offer a map to those who are still lost in the ways of the past, that they will offer it without conditions and that they do not too develop a hunger for idolization because then they too will work to hold down the others so that they can eternally be the savior. The cycle of corruption can be broken.
The message of liberty will prevail anytime it is given a chance to be heard. It's time to put the government back in its cage. The framers of our government gave us some restraints to keep the government out of our lives, they called it The Constitution and it's time we make them live by it.
Always know that humans are self-serving. I am. You are. Let's stop pretending we don't know that. Don't ever engage in anything under the assumption that anyone is looking out for you, but you.

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