Looking back over this last decade, America has moved in a direction that should cause concern to most thinking people.  Within that decade our economy nearly collapsed and with that event many of the world's strongest economies have followed suit.  We have entered into wars that seem to have no end, and under the umbrella of war we have accepted laws and policies that would have been unacceptable to most people a few short years ago.

Power seems to be rapidly concentrating to fewer and fewer elected officials while our lives are micro managed by unelected bureaucrats through policy, regulations and edicts that have the effect of law. 

Our mainstream media seems to have taken on the role of cheerleaders rather and true journalists and watchdogs for the people.  They are looking and sounding more and more like propaganda machines of the state.

Our elections have become spectacles of manipulation and entertainment as the party elite parade their chosen ones before the people. Using throw away candidates, and what appears to be an accommodating press they dilute the vote to ensure the correct outcome.  Between the two parties we are left with a choice of two candidates that were pre-selected long before the primaries. In effect, a small handful of people select the two candidates.  We get to choose which puppet will fill the elected office.

This presidential primary season has just started --- but, there is something very different about this one.  We do have the usual pre-selected candidates but, there is an air of frustration and concern that I have not seen in the past.  The usual manipulation and control of the primary process seems threatened. What is usually done subtly to control the process is now so overt that many more people have awaken to the reality that our election process is little more than a sham.   

What I see is a reaction akin to fear and with it, desperation in their actions.  Romney was supposed to win handedly in Iowa -but, something strange happened.  Another candidate was polling as high or higher than Romney.  This candidate challenging the status quo was Ron Paul - known has the champion of liberty and the defender of the Constitution.  Despite the best attempts to marginalized Ron Paul by both party machines and the press he was still moving up in the polls.  The response to this challenge was both telling and chilling.  

It was a full court combined attack using the media and political machines of both parties to bring the Iowa caucus outcome back on track.  Vicious attacks in the media from both the left and the right went on for days -but, seemed to have little effect.  To prevent Ron Paul from coming in a close second or wining the caucus they had to draw votes away from him.  They needed a Christian conservative and Santorm fit the bill.  Of course, in order to cover all their bases the votes would be collected and counted at a secret location.  Santorm became the media darling while the press used every method they had at their disposal to discredit Ron Paul.

What was the outcome?  It was a near tie for Romney and Santorm with Ron Paul handily beating the remaining candidates with a close third place.  Yet, the press announced results that completely skip Paul's third place and when on to address the other candidates.

Who is this unassuming mild mannered man that strikes such fear in the establishment?  Why do they fear him so much? 

How has the status quo been working for you?  These two bought and paid for parties have destroyed our economy, robbed and spent our social security trust funds, involved us in needless wars, put generations to come into indebted servitude, and have undermined the basic social foundations and freedoms of the people.  The constitution has become an irrelevant document to be ignored or reinterpreted if inconvenient. 

They have passed unconstitutional laws and looked the other way as our government spied on the people, tortured suspected terrorists, and assassinated American citizens.  They have authorized indefinite detention of US citizens.  They have declared our country to be part of a war zone allowing the use of military forces against US citizens within the United States. 

These same two parties are now working on bills that would capture, control, and monitor the only source of free speech and communications that remains at the people's disposal (the internet). 

Power is being consolidated and concentrated at the top and our lives and economy managed by unelected bureaucrats. This is what the status quo will bring to you and your children.

It is time to get our heads out of the fog of propaganda and manipulation.  It is time to fight the status quo.  It is time for change!  Real change!  It is time for the people to reign in their servant and rebind it with the chains of the constitution.  Ron Paul is the only candidate that will lead us in the direction of liberty - we are running out of time and opportunities.  This election is liberty's last stand.          

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