Live Blogging the State of the Union

Tonight, Campaign for Liberty staff will be updating this post as we live blog the State of the Union. We'll be adding commentary here throughout the speech, as well as highlighting some of the best comments we come across on our social media platforms.

TS 10:55 PM -- Be sure to watch Senator Rand Paul's response:

TS 10:50 PM -- Don't miss Senator Mike Lee's response:

NS 10:33 PM--To sum up: More government here, more government there, more government everywhere.
NS 10:16 PM-- He did not rule out starting a war in Iran, pledged to keep troops involved around the world to spread democracy, and will keep wasting our money on “foreign aid.” But the neocons say he is a non-interventionist.
TS 10:08 PM -- Regarding "detention" policy, it'd be nice if in 2014 Congress prohibit the possibility of indefinite detention made possible by Section 1021 of the FY 2012 NDAA.
MS 10:07 PM -- Obama brags about using diplomacy in Syria, but it was war-weary Americans who stood up to his plan to drag America into another war.
NS 10:06 PM--  He will never send troops unless it is necessary, he will act to protect us, no mention of Congress’s role in declaring war.
NS 10:04 PM-- A small force will remain in Afghanistan...like we are only sending advisors to Vietnam.
NS 9:55 PM--Congress can raise wages by cutting taxes, repealing Obamacare, and Ending the Fed.
MS-9:54 PM- Obama starting MyRA, a new savings bond that Americans can use for retirement. Um, no thanks.
MS- 9:52 PM- President Obama is right that the minimum wage is worth less than it used to be.....thanks to the Federal Reserve!
NS 9:49 PM--“The only way government can make sure no child is left behind is to make sure no child gets ahead”—Marshall Fritz, founder of Advocates for Self-Government and the Alliance for the Separation of School and State.
TS 9:43 PM -- I could be wrong, but it seems like President Obama missed Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk this week on Education reform. Could be helpful...
NS 9:40 PM--Joe Biden will train us and get us a job…am I the only one who’s not sure this is from the Book of Good Ideas?
NS 9:35 PM--Create new government programs cause crony capitalism has worked sooooo well!
NS 9:35 PM-- Close loopholes = raise taxes, cut taxes on certain business=pick winners and losers. Cut taxes for everyone!

NS-9:25-- When politicians talk about investment prepare to have your pocket picked.
NS-9:19 PM--Lowest unemployment rate in five years (cause we don’t count all those people who stopped looking for full-time work).
NS--9:17 PM- He forgot to mention a few things that happened today in America: a small child was terrorized at an airport by TSA, the FDA threw a farmer in jail for drinking raw milk,  a middle-class family struggled to pay their bills because there dollars are worth less thanks to “Quantitative Easing,” today someone lost their health insurance cause of Obamacare.
MS- 9:03 PM - The Supreme Court Justices have arrived for the SOTU. Remember, they are not supposed to applaud or stand, but rather stay stoic and politically impartial.

MS- 8:56 PM - The biggest question for tonight is how President Obama handles Obamacare. Does he acknowledge all of its failures and that millions have lost insurance? Or does he just gloss over how poor the rollout and enrollment have been so far?

8:47 PM - Let's start off with this quote from then-Senator Obama regarding an issue that may come up tonight:

"The biggest problems that we're facing right now have to do with George Bush trying to bring more and more power into the executive branch and not go through Congress at all. And that's what I intend to reverse when I'm president of the United States of America." - Senator Barack Obama, March 31, 2008

8:45 PM - Welcome to Campaign for Liberty's live blog of the State of the Union! Tonight we have our Director of Communications Megan Stiles, Vice President of Policy Norm Singleton, and Director of Legislation Tim Shoemaker covering the event. To the best of our ability, the posts will be timestamped and signed by our initials.

Throughout the evening, we'll try to incorporate comments from our members we receive through our social media platforms. Sit back, and relax. We're watching the President's State of the Union so you don't have to.

Be sure to check back in here at 8:45pm EST when we kick things off!

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