LPAC Day One Wrap Up

The 4th annual Liberty Political Action Conference got off to a great start yesterday! Thanks to everyone for your patience as we had to delay the start time due to many of our speakers taking important votes in the House and Senate. This year LPAC is taking place at the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center - just outside Washington DC.

Glenn 'Kane' Jacobs kicked off the night for us and focused his speech on the importance of free market economics in a free and prosperous society. Pretty refreshing from a WWE superstar!

Dr. Ron Paul and Senator Rand Paul then presented the Campaign for Liberty Foundation scholarship awards to the recipients on stage. Congratulations to Matthew, Allison, Aaron, and Meghan!

Senator Rand Paul then took the stage and focused on civil liberties. He discussed how there is no need for the government to know what you do on your cell phone and also how the police reaction to the situation in Ferguson was overblown and how we need to stop the militarization of our state and local police forces. Senator Paul also talked about his outreach efforts to reach new voters to the Republican Party, particularly his efforts to reach out to minorities and younger voters.

Congressman Amash took to the stage next where he discussed the CR and the vote to arm the so-called 'moderate' Syrian rebels. Always a crowd favorite, Congressman Amash was kind enough to take questions from the audience and also hold a private briefing after his speech.

Congressman Thomas Massie spoke next and discussed a wide range of topics including guns, raw milk, industrial hemp, and the House of Representatives passing H.R. 24 'Audit the Fed' on Wednesday. Massie is also a favorite of many and hung around the exhibitors' hall after his speech, talking to attendees.

Representative Mark Sanford was LPAC's next speaker. He spoke about how excited he was to see younger liberty-minded Congressman being elected and advised them to stay true to principle.

Congressman Paul Broun, the lead sponsor of H.R. 24 'Audit the Fed' spoke about the bill's passage earlier this week. One of his best applause lines was, "Get the US out of the UN and the UN out of the US!"

Representative Raul Labrador spoke next and talked about what the private citizen can to for liberty. Even if you can't give money, you can still donate time. Making phone calls and knocking on doors for candidates and causes are great ways to promote liberty and get involved. He also challenged attendees to return next year and each one try to bring two friends.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz wrapped up the evening with a rousing speech on many topics ranging from Obamacare to the Second Amendment. One of his best applause lines was that we should abolish the IRS! We couldn't agree more!

Check back later for more stories from the 4th annual Liberty Political Action Conference!

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