GOP Senate Leader McConnell seeking to get a vote on Audit the Fed

This morning, Republican Senate  Leader Mitch McConnell told Louisville, Kentucky, radio talk-show host Mandy Connell that he was working with fellow Kentucky Senator Rand Paul to find a way around Harry Reid's obstructionism and force the Senate to vote on Ron Paul's Audit the Fed Bill (S. 209).

Campaign for Liberty members should call their senators today and demand they cosponsor Ron Paul's Audit the Fed bill if they have not yet done so and help Senators Paul and McConnell bring this important bill to the Senate floor for a roll call vote.

Here is the transcript of Senator McConnell discussing Audit the Fed with Mandy Connell:

MANDY CONNELL: “We’ve had a tremendous expansionary money policies. The Fed has been printing money left and right. And if we’re ever going to get our dollar back where it needs to be and stop devaluing the dollar, we’re going to have to contract the money supply, which may or may not, I would think may, would make the economy contract a bit. At what point do we start moving in that direction?”

SEN. MITCH MCCONNELL (R-KY): “Well I think a good first step is Senator Rand Paul’s bill to audit the Fed which I support. The Fed has never been audited and I think, you know, transparency is important. I think a good place to start would be to audit the Fed.”

CONNELL: “That has been something that has been talked about for years by former Congressman Ron Paul, Rand Paul’s father, but it does seem like more people are amenable to it now. Does that have any real chance of getting done?”

SEN. MCCONNELL: “Well you know it may have actually passed the House last year. I’m trying to remember. I think it did.”

CONNELL: “It did.”

SEN. MCCONNELL: “So that’s half way through the process. And there’s a number of Senate Democrats who maybe don’t want it to come up but wouldn’t want to vote against it if it did. So Rand Paul and I are both going to be looking for ways to get that voted on in the Senate.” (WHAS’ “Mandy Connell Show,” 2/14/13)

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