A Quick Note on Big "Law"


1.  “All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void.” Marbury vs . Madison 1803

The above decision by the supreme court effectively dismantles most "Laws" we have today, each one just one more chain to bind us.

2.  Remember clearly: That ANY and ALL "Law" only exists to those who decide to follow them, other than that, they are paper; save for the fools who force those words upon others with weapons....these are tyrants or the ignorant slaves of tyrants.

In this light, I declare ALL Laws null and void that restrict my Liberty so long as I harm None.  Any agent of "government" in any form who attempts to "enFORCE" upon me their "Laws" will be met with an equally repulsive force.  I hope you do the same, so arm yourself.  I no longer acknowledge this malignant monster as my government, it is an impostor which has usurped America.

So I declare: Be gone from us yea goblins, orcs and ogres of ignorance who serve the black wizards... for your time of darkness is over... the light is now Dawning and your masters' towers are falling!  Behold! I have summoned the great Dragons of Light: Eka and Pymander to devour thee!  Ban! Ban! Ban Rabishu! Flee thee to the pit and return to your dark habitations!  Trespass no more on the minds of men.  So Mote it Be!

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