Albuquerque Voters Reject Redflex Red Light Cameras

Tuesday marked the 18th time that photo enforcement has been rejected by voters. In fact, those nasty cameras have still never survived a public vote.

Going into yesterday’s voting at the polls the numbers were already against camera opponents with early and absentee voting putting them behind by about 800 votes. City councilor Dan Lewis had been the only major outspoken opposition to the program, calling red light cameras “a big scam.”

It was Lewis’s actions alone that put the measure to a vote, but on voting day, a huge push by Campaign For Liberty members certainly made the difference in the results. Live phone calls were made to likely voters reminding them to go out and cast their votes against the red light camera program. 

In the end, the voting day numbers were a landslide for Lewis, camera opponents and Campaign For Liberty.

Unlike most ballot measures involving photo enforcement, not a single signature was collected in Albuquerque. The quick work of Councilor Lewis avoided the inevitable public backlash that follows the deployment of this unconstitutional system.

It’s now up to the rest of city council to honor the will of the voters and dismantle the system and kick Redflex out of Albuquerque for good.


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