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All broadcasting media is biased for a reason not the least of which who owns it


All broadcasting media is biased for a reason not the least of which who owns it

     News, TV, radio, and whatever broadcast media exists is biased and it seems truth is excluded more often than not. Why is this? Are the owners of the MSM responsible ultimately for not reporting truth and sometimes inventing outright lies and calling it news or is all media controlled by the US Govt.? A lot of both, maybe more of one than the other. But, a good place to start is to realize the who's who of owners of all the media we hear and see.

     The press in the USA used to be considered "the free press" but somebody or a group of people has stomped its boot squarely onto the face of the once "free press" crushing and disfiguring it into what it looks like today.

     Consider the Trayvon Martin case where NBC manipulated an audio tape of George Zimmerman that resulted in a lie. The guy who did it was fired but the damage was done. Why? The secret agenda to demonize the second amendment and the Florida Stand Your Ground Law were the targets plus the desire of some ( the media owners? and/or the US Govt?) to stir up a race war. Add to that the statements made by the POTUS and Black Caucus members which surely inflamed the situation. Calling Zimmerman an Hispanic/White even though his grandmother is a black woman was an effort to gin up racial hatred against people of hispanic and white origin. Why would the POTUS and Black Caucus in Congress act in such a lowlife manner?

     And the FBI wants to charge Zimmerman with a hate crime when his great grandparent and grandparents are black people?


Photo of Zimmerman's great-grandfather raises questions about racial profiling

     When a pit bull mauls some innocent bystander the law always wants to find the owner of the animal to hold them liable and the same should be considered for the broadcast media. And maybe also for the POTUS and the Black Caucus for accusing Zimmerman , of black heritage, for racially profiling someone of his own racial heritage!




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