American Exceptionalism By Carl Pettis


Because of Liberal, Progressive and Socialist political thought and actions of our now DEAD Tree Media, our hands held out citizens, we that have always produced, can look back on our once Proud Nation, and weep for what we have lost.



No longer do we see the Great Shining City on the Hill, no longer is American Exceptionalism looked at by others thru out the world that want to obtain Liberty and Freedom and Basic Human Rights for themselves and their descendants. No longer do our Highest Leaders in this Nation expound on the Greatness of our Nation, or even work to improve the few things that need work.

“I am saddened beyond belief”

 I did not think, when back in my Twenties, and becoming aware of the of the then ongoing push and drive towards World Government by the Collectivists, Socialists, Nazis, Communists, et al,that I would live to see this Great Nation fall into the grasp of the “Evil” that has so much strengthened it’s grip on the Minds and Hearts of a once Proud and Independent People.


Where has our belief in our nations God (whom the Founders Referenced without hesitation) and in ourselves disappeared to, to be producers and providers for ourselves and our families, and to help the unfortunate to learn how to provide for themselves instead of being Moochers and Looters of others Property.


But now I fear that I indeed will live long enough to see a One World Government envisioned by such Luminaries as, Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Edward Mandel House, Woodrow Wilson, F.D.R, George Soros, and it is also my opinion that these following Fake Conservatives share a portion of responsibility because of the expansive and fast expanding growth of The Federal Government under their watch, Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight D Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and Both of the Bush boys. At no point in the influence of any of the above Luminaries, has the size, scope or influence of our Federated Government diminished or Individual  Liberty increased.


I am indeed aware the under Ronald Reagan, one can say that tax rates went down and incomes went up, and we did indeed prosper more, having admitted that, we need to consider wisely how many new Federal Agencies were created and existing one’s expanded under his watch and were there more and bigger or less and smaller?

And the lessening of Individual Liberties that were the result of them. 


Does Government at all levels, Local, State, Federal do more, or less, do they restrict their activities to those things that Governments were formed to do by this Nations Founders, or have-(the politicians of the last 150 years or so)- like Bloated Piggies at the the trough of our property and income, keep eating our Liberty, our Freedom and consequently making us servants of the Looters and Moochers.


It’s past time (if not to late) to put these Consumers of, and Destroyers of, Liberty and Freedom on the Ash Heap of History as all past failures of collectivism have gone, and return to the Principles of Individual Rights.


We need to keep a few examples if their most Aggrieved Actions and Idea's locked in a Hermetically Sealed Museum, so that on occasion of more of the same in the future, our descendants can pull them out, study our failures and maybe prevent such travesties from their Generation.


We need to-

Restart and Refresh, Preamble to the United States Constitution

Restart and Refresh, The United States Declaration of Independence

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